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Marais Bakery-Less Bread- Higher Prices Who Needs It? April 15, 2014


As you readers know I waited more than a year for the Marais Bakery to open in my neighborhood. As my earlier posting stated the croissants were fabulous, the best I’d tasted outside of Paris.  I developed the pleasurable habit of  buying a daily baguette. However, during the past few months, personal events prevented me from preparing even the simplest meal at home. When my life settled down again, I returned to one of my comforts, daily fresh, organic French bread.  Or I tried to.

After running down (or sending my husband) to the Marais Bakery on several occasions only to find the bread bins empty I decided to call ahead. I was told that no bread would be available until 11am.  What French breakfast is complete without bread? Bread is an essential part of breakfast. What is a French bakery without morning bread?

There was no apology offered, no explanation given.  Today I visited The Marais bakery and was told that a new baker is in training and that NOT ONLY HAVE THEY RAISED THE PRICES, but they have no idea when they will return to a normal production schedule. Again, no expressions of sadness or condolences for the lack of bread availability. Just a curt unsympathetic oh well type of attitude.

C’est insupportable!


P.S. Thankfully there is a new French Organic bakery opening on Chestnut street in June. It’s called La PanotiQ. Check out the details here.


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