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The Marais Bakery Finally Opens July 12, 2013

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After months and months (and months) of waiting the “truly French” bakery has opened on Chestnut street.   I had not allowed myself to get truly hopeful for a veritable Parisian croissant.  With much anticipation I entered the Marais Bakery on opening day. I was greeted by two anxious workers, who informed me that opening would be delayed until the health department arrived.  I returned around 3pm.  There were to be no croissants until the following day at eight. Frustrated, I purchased a simple, large loaf of levain bread.  It was hot from the oven.  I went home to wait for my new loaf to cool sufficiently for slicing.  The bread was not my favorite on that first day, however it improved over time (must be the sourdough levain) The taste improved every day, and the loaf stayed fresh for almost a week.
The following day I got my croissant.  The croissant had the look of a true Parisian one. I was encouraged (mouth watering now).  I tore off the end and stuffed it in my mouth.  The croissant was excellent, until  I arrived at the uncooked middle.  I realized that this was their first day and did not lose hope.  The flavor was so close to what I have been searching for in the USA.  I returned to the bakery today (a week later) and my croissant was very close to perfect.  The only problem was that it was cold.  Next time I will buy my croissant at 7am, when they come out of the oven.  I will let you know how my next hot, buttery, “truly French” croissant improves when hot. (Me jumping up and down in anticipation)
The owner asked me, honestly, what I thought of the croissant.  “how was it?” he asked.  “It was… good” I answered.  “Just good?” he wanted to know.  (French people, in my experience, really want to know the true answer to such a question. They want to produce the best food possible.  I don’t think the French have a great need for flattery) I mentioned that I like my croissants hot.  “you must come at 7 when we open”  was his reply.  Then he gave me the most luscious, rich, chocolaty macaron I’ve ever tasted.

What a "truly French" croissant leaves behind

What a “truly French” croissant leaves behind


4 Responses to “The Marais Bakery Finally Opens”

  1. shachomike Says:

    I’d like to place a ore-order for two on Sept 6. We will be in town for an appointment. (My stomach growling, it’s 7 am)

  2. eater111 Says:

    Really? You’ll be in SF? I will run down there in anticipation

  3. Anitra Says:

    This makes me want to be there at 7 am with you to try this out! And after seeing the macaron devoured in front of me via video chat, I’m dying to see if those are as delicious as they look too.

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