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The Year of the Pesto July 2, 2013

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My cup runneth over with basil.  This not unusual in July.  What is different, this year, is the fact that I have been making lots and lots of pesto. Basil is not being tossed into the compost bucket.  It is getting used and gratefully eaten.  To what can I attribute this efficiency?  I bought a Nutri-Bullet.  I love my nutri-bullet.  My fridge is not packed to the gills with partially decaying organic produce.  I have prepared my own dried ginger, green powder, pesto and daily smoothies which put to good use all the romaine and other fabulous organic greens from my CSA.  I feel so virtuous and I keep peeking into my fridge to see the empty space found inside.  Am I energized from the daily smoothies or the open space in my fridge? This is a question not easily answered.  Do I need to know why my life is humming?


6 Responses to “The Year of the Pesto”

  1. Miladybowen Says:

    I am so inspired! Maybe I’ll do the same thing with my greens. I’d have to dry them in an oven, though. Can i use a food processor instead? Or a blender?

    • eater111 Says:

      Yes you can absolutely dry the greens in the oven at 200 degrees. Just keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. A food processor can be used to grind the dried greens, but a coffee grinder works better. Either way you can add the dried greens to smoothies, soups or whatever. The best part is NO MORE WASTE!

  2. shachomike Says:

    Yeah, I really miss my blender… and green vegetables too. I think they consider them both to be undesirable western influence here in Sri Lanka.

  3. Irma Gonzales Says:

    What pesto recipes do you make? Please share thank you, I want to make your estos, I’m from Texas, USA, I need some real italian sauces recipes, I’m eating very healthy like you 🙂

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